PRF is platelet-rich fibrin. Many people have heard of PRP. PRF is one step beyond and a second generation treatment. PRF is used to rejuvenate the skin with a high concentration of white blood cells, fibrin, and stem cells with growth factors. PRF is made my harvesting your own blood and making a gel. Injections help stimulate healing and build tissue as well as build collagen and elastin. PRF can make skin heal at the cellular level. 

Who can get PRF?

Most people can benefit from PRF therapy. Because the PRF comes from your own body, there is a very low risk of complications. Those with cancer or blood diseases are not candidates for the procedure. 

How often do you need PRF treatments?

Depending on how it is used, it can be done every 4-8 weeks. If injected or placed on the scalp after microneedling for hair restoration, studies have shown that treatments every 4 weeks yields maximum results. Injections into the face are spaced further apart. 

In what areas can I receive PRF treatments?

PRF can be injected like filler into areas around the eyes, mouth and temples. PRF or PRP can also be used topically on the face or scalp after microneedling or laser treatments to speed healing, increase collagen and elastin production, and decrease downtime. 

Skin Injections

Scalp or Face, Dr. Brantly Only. 45 minutes

Single Syringe
Double Syringe

Hair Restoration

Microneedling + PRFM 

Starter Package

Includes initial 4 sessions of micro needling with PRFM injections for the scalp spaced 1 month apart. Only 1 package per patient; Treatments are non-transferable. Anyone starting with PRFM hair restoration must purchase a package. No other discounts apply.

Maintenance Injections

Hair or Face, 45 minutes


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