Hormonal Imbalance

Many men and women find that they just aren’t feeling like “themselves” anymore. There has been a slow or sometimes acute onset of multiple symptoms that are affecting their quality of life. Hormonal imbalances are more common than you think. For women, symptoms include fatigue and lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, reduced mental focus or brain fog, mood swings including anxiety and depression, hot flashes and night sweats, stubborn weight gain, inability to lose weight in spite of diet and exercise, decreased muscle strength, muscle and joint pain, vaginal dryness or pain, and reduced sexual desire. Symptoms for men include low sex drive, increase body fat (especially around the waist), loss of muscle mass and strength, reduced mental focus, feelings of anxiety, irritability, fatigue, elevated blood sugar, or high cholesterol. These can all be really frustrating and finding someone to help is even harder. 

Hormonal imbalances can occur any time in life but are more common as you age. While obvious times in life create huge swings in hormones such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, other medical conditions can also cause problems such as stress, medications such as steroids, and more serious conidtions such as tumors and autoimmune diseases. 

Hormonal imbalances are diagnosed with a combination of lab tests and symptoms. These are puzzle pieces that create a picture of what is happening in your body

Treatment can involve lifestyle changes, hormone replacement, and supplements. Often a combination of these are the most effective. 

We are excited to be a Biote certified clinic. We can offer lab testing and a comprehensive look at all of your hormones. BioTe offers bioidentical hormones that work like the hormones your body naturially makes. Our goal is not just to treat you, but we aim to optimize you. We want to treat you as a patient and listen to your symptoms. You know your body best. We use labwork as guidelines and offer safe and predictable treatment for your hormonal imbalances. Hormone treatment can be scary given many articles in the media. However, we are happy to sit down with you and discuss risks and benefits specific to you. 

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