Enlarged Pores

Do you have large and visible pores? Oversized pores are a common issue that frustrate many patients across all ages. They can be a source of embarrassment and can make makeup application more difficult.

We offer a range of treatment options that can benefit our patients and help shrink pores. Dr Brantly will customize a solution for you to help minimize your pores and restore smoother, tighter skin.

At home, patients can extend and enhance their results by staying hydrated, protecting their skin from UV rays, and using quality skincare products. Make sure to exfoliate twice weekly and cleanse twice daily to decrease clogged pores. Always choose "non-comedogenic" products that indicate that they won't clog pores. Dr Brantly will be happy to create a customized skincare regimen for you.

What is the function of a pore?

Pores are an important part of healthy skin function. Pores control sweat and help control body temperature to release heat when working out or in warmer temperatures. A different type of pore will release your body's own natural oils to moisturize the surface of your skin. These pores are often associated with hair folicles. While too much oil can clog pores, well-balanced skin will have a healthy amount of oil to support a natural glow.

What causes enlarged pores?

When a pore becomes clogged, it can become larger and more visible. Dirt, oil, dead skin cells, or even hair can clog pores. Clogged pores lead to enlargement and black heads. Factors that promote clogging are:

  • Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Sun exposure
  • Genetics
  • Aging and loss of skin elasticity from declining collagen and elastin

How can I shrink my pores?

Pore-shrinking services will be customized to you but could include:

  1. Microneedling with or without radiofrequency. Microneedling is a natural way of increasing your skin's collagen by creating microchannels that reach deep into the dermis. The micro channels promote skin healing and allow healthier and tighter skin. Microneedling is also called "collagen induction therapy" is a highly effective way to tighten pores. Your skin will become tighter with a more even tone. Microneedling can also address scars, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes. Most patients require 3-4 treatments to achieve best results.
  2. Chemical peels. Chemical peels are customized to your skin's needs. We offer a variety of peels from VI Peel to address acne, hyperpigmentation, age-related changes, and other issues. The peel is offered in-office for a set amount of time. It exfoliates the dry, damaged upper layers of your skin to reveal smoother skin beneath. These peels can dramatically shrink pores and eliminate irregularities in the skin. Your skin appears smoother and free of large pores for months after the chemical peel. Patients may need a series of peels to see needed results.
  3. Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is an effective in-office exfoliating treatment that uses a minimally-invasive tool to gently clear away dead, uneven skin cells on the top of the skin. This can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to support the pores.
  4. Laser skin resurfacing. Laser resurfacing with Erbium-YAG or CO2 will tighten the skin, shrink your pores, and address and skin texture issues. CO2 laser resurfacing is the gold standard in skin treatments as it will ablate the damaged surface of the skin and heat the deep skin tissues to achieve tight, clear skin. Erbium-YAG can be used in either an ablative or non-ablative fashion and can even be combined with microneedling in the same setting for maximum results.

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